Here’s How to Boost Your Rank Among 5,000,000 Small Businesses in the US – Great Customer Service

There are, essentially, two types of small business owners: ones who wish to stay small, and others who want to make it big. Most of the entrepreneurs fall into the latter category. And do you know the one mistake that many of them make? Trying to get their goods cleared off the shelves in any way they can; trying to meet their sales targets no matter what!

Such hard sell tactics will definitely rake in the profits, but it will only be for an unimaginably short while. In the long run, your small business is bound to suffer if you don’t treat your customers with the care that they expect. You may not be able to hold on to your clients with hard-sell, and if somehow you do manage to, it won’t be for long. All because you were willing to sacrifice customer service on the altar of immediate success.

That is one of the main reasons why over 66% of small businesses fail during the first 10 years. Why not take the road less traveled by and get ahead of your competition! If that’s not reason enough, here are five more arguments in favor of exceptional customer service for small businesses.

Retention More Affordable than Outreach

Great customer service helps you retain your existing customers, which is more beneficial than finding new clients. Did you know that repeat customers are liable to spend more than that spent on their previous visit? The cost of setting up a good customer service platform is far lesser than assembling a basic outreach team. Even the results of the former are more fruitful for your business.

And if the offline customer service can be affordably set up, digital service arrangements are virtually dead cheap! The advent of social media has made it cheaper still, not to mention the continuously dropping prices of websites. Also, you can get your online customer service domain up and running within no time.

An Organic Way of Marketing your Product or Service

The more you spend on customer service, the happier will your customer be. And a happy customer never hesitates to recommend the thing that made him/her happy in the first place. Word-of-mouth publicity will be under your grasp, and let me assure you that it’s a powerful marketing tool, uncharacteristically underrated but amazingly effective. Once the quality of your product and the nature of your customer service reaches enough ears, you will not only have the existing customers coming back for more, but also a steady stream of new potential consumers in your shop.

Emphasizing your Brand Values

The vision and mission of your business can be thoroughly inculcated in the customer service that you provide. Your brand logo and motto may be starkly visible in the front, but the customer service is the true face of your business values. Your employees will convince the potential customers about those values and help portray the right image of your brand to the world.

Inspiring Loyalty and Trust

The customer service, if good enough, can forge a bond with the customers that cannot be easily broken. Put yourself in the shoes of a potential client. How would you feel if the features of a product are explained blandly, without any enthusiasm, by the staff member, regardless of the quality of the product? You may purchase it that one time, but you will be less likely to visit the shop again.

On the other hand, if a customer is well cared for throughout his/her visit, then he/she may not buy the product at that moment, but will definitely come by again with the full intention of purchasing. That is because the employee was able to inspire trust within the customer, thus making him/her loyal to the brand. And rest assured that this very loyalty can contribute big time to the growth of any small business.

Getting Valuable Feedback From Customers

The use of a customer service employee doesn’t end after the product has been sold. The customer may have complaints about the product in the future, and he/she will need to access to the employee to resolve the disputes. The ability to address and handle feedback is a major factor in determining the success of any business, online as well as offline.

Train your staff well enough to deal with any kind of customer, and you are bound to pocket quite a few long-standing clients. If you’re able to address the issues of the short-tempered guy as well as the introvert one, then you can rest easy knowing that you have learned the subtle art of feedback management (maybe even mastered it!).

There may be times when you feel that customer service is an untameable beast, what with the amount of effort and the level of people-skills required. A single unsatisfied customer can throw a negative light on your business. Remember, negative reviews can be handled; declining fan-base cannot. So don’t think twice before spending a few more bucks on the betterment of your customer service. You, as the business owner, cannot hope to cater to the needs of every customer after all, and there will be times where disputes will occur. How you solve these can ultimately determine the success of your business.


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